Cyberpunk 2077 Walkthrough

Embarking on the sprawling neon-lit streets of Night City in Cyberpunk 2077 requires more than just a keen eye for action; it demands a comprehensive understanding of its complex world and intricate gameplay mechanics. With a vast array of choices to be made, each affecting the game's outcome, players find themselves seeking guidance through the dizzying array of missions and storylines. A thorough Cyberpunk 2077 walkthrough becomes invaluable, not only to navigate the main storyline effectively but also to uncover all the secrets and nuances embedded within this richly detailed game. From the choice-driven narrative to the dynamic combat system, every aspect of Cyberpunk 2077 is designed to immerse players fully into its cybernetic dystopia.

In the following sections, this article meticulously outlines a comprehensive guide that covers the main jobs—the backbone of the game's narrative—alongside essential tips and strategies for tackling side missions, romances, and key endings. Whether it's a deep dive into the Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty walkthrough or mastering the specifics of the Cyberpunk 2077 corpo walkthrough, this guide ensures no detail is left unexplored. Readers will also find invaluable insights into DLC content, unlocking achievements and trophies, and making the most out of every gameplay moment. From the beginning tips to a 100% complete walkthrough, this guide will equip players with the knowledge to experience everything Cyberpunk 2077 has to offer, including its hidden easter eggs and secrets, ensuring a truly comprehensive and enriching gaming journey.

Choosing Your Lifepath

In "Cyberpunk 2077," players start their journey by selecting one of three unique lifepaths: Nomad, Street Kid, or Corpo. Each choice provides a distinctive background that influences the protagonist's story, dialogue options, and interactions within the vast world of Night City. This decision shapes the initial experiences and offers a tailored introduction to the game's intricate narrative and mechanics.


  1. Background and Introduction: The Nomad lifepath introduces players to V as an outsider, originating from the Badlands surrounding Night City. Having left their clan due to internal conflicts, V seeks a new beginning in the urban sprawl. The prologue for Nomads is action-packed, making it an excellent choice for newcomers to immerse themselves in the game's dynamic environment.

  2. Unique Traits and Dialogue: Nomad V possesses a survivalist's education and a deep understanding of the Badlands, which translates into unique dialogue options throughout the game. These options are particularly evident in missions involving Panam, where V's knowledge significantly influences the outcome and depth of interactions.

  3. Gameplay Experience: The Nomad path offers a blend of high-octane sequences and a nuanced introduction to Night City's complexities. Players can expect to navigate the transition from the desolate Badlands to the bustling city, enriching their gameplay with a sense of discovery and adaptation.

Street Kid

  1. Background and Introduction: Choosing the Street Kid lifepath means V is a product of Night City's slums, with a deep-rooted understanding of urban life and gang dynamics. The prologue showcases V's return to their home district of Heywood, setting the stage for their rise as a mercenary alongside Jackie.

  2. Unique Traits and Dialogue: Street Kid V benefits from an intimate knowledge of Night City's streets, gangs, and social etiquette. This background provides players with additional dialogue options that reveal lore, navigate gang rivalries, and leverage V's streetwise nature to advance in the game.

  3. Gameplay Experience: Players opting for the Street Kid lifepath will find themselves quickly integrated into the fabric of Night City, with a storyline that emphasizes connections, street smarts, and the quest for fame within the city's mercenary circles.


  1. Background and Introduction: The Corpo lifepath casts V in the role of a high-ranking corporate employee, embroiled in the cutthroat politics of Arasaka. Following a fall from grace, V must navigate their new reality with the help of Jackie, transitioning from corporate elitism to a life of rebellion against the system.

  2. Unique Traits and Dialogue: With a background in corporate espionage and manipulation, Corpo V has access to dialogue options that reflect their understanding of business tactics and interpersonal strategies. This insight allows players to negotiate better rewards, influence quest outcomes, and recognize when they're being deceived.

  3. Gameplay Experience: Players choosing the Corpo lifepath will experience a dramatic shift from luxury to survival, offering a unique perspective on the power dynamics and corruption within Night City. This path provides a deep dive into the corporate world, challenging players to leverage their knowledge against former allies and enemies alike.

Each lifepath in "Cyberpunk 2077" offers a distinct starting point and narrative perspective, enriching the player's immersion and interaction with the game world. Whether as a Nomad, Street Kid, or Corpo, V's journey is deeply influenced by their chosen background, shaping their path through the neon-lit streets of Night City.

Getting Started

Character Creation

When players embark on their journey in Cyberpunk 2077, the initial step involves a crucial phase of character creation. Here, one must navigate through four significant choices that set the foundation for their character’s development and gameplay experience.

  1. Lifepath Selection: Players choose from three distinct lifepaths—Nomad, Street Kid, or Corpo. Each lifepath not only dictates V's background but also influences future interactions and narrative arcs within Night City.

  2. Appearance Customization: CD Projekt Red offers extensive options for character appearance, allowing for a diverse range of modifications. Some features are adjustable later in the game, while others are permanent from the start.

  3. Attribute Allocation: At the beginning, players distribute points across five major attributes: Body, Intelligence, Reflexes, Technical Ability, and Cool. Starting with a base of 3 points in each, players assign an additional 7 points as they see fit, adhering to a maximum of 6 points per attribute initially.

  4. Perk Selection: Each attribute encompasses various perks, enhancing specific skills as V progresses. Players strategically select perks that align with their desired playstyle, influencing combat, hacking, and social interactions.

These initial decisions are pivotal, shaping the entire gameplay experience in Cyberpunk 2077, making each playthrough uniquely tailored to individual choices.

Game Settings

Optimizing game settings is essential for a seamless experience in Night City, particularly given the game’s demanding graphics and extensive detail.

  1. Performance Optimization: Players should adjust settings based on their hardware capabilities. For those with high-end systems, enabling advanced features like ray tracing enhances visual fidelity, while others might need to prioritize frame rates by adjusting settings like Shadow Quality and Crowd Density.

  2. Visual Settings: Key adjustments include disabling Chromatic Aberration and lowering Motion Blur to reduce visual distractions and improve clarity. These tweaks help maintain a crisp image without sacrificing performance.

  3. Advanced Graphics Settings: Exploring deeper settings such as Shadow Resolution and Volumetric Fog can significantly impact performance. Players can experiment with these to find the right balance between visual quality and gameplay smoothness.

  4. Adaptive Technologies: Utilizing technologies like DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) or FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution) can boost performance without a noticeable loss in quality, especially beneficial for those not using the latest hardware.

By carefully adjusting these settings, players can enhance their experience, ensuring that Cyberpunk 2077 not only runs smoothly but also looks spectacular as they traverse the vibrant and gritty streets of Night City.

Main Story Walkthrough


The journey in Cyberpunk 2077 begins with the Prologue, setting the stage for the player's adventure in Night City. Depending on the chosen lifepath—Nomad, Street Kid, or Corpo—the initial missions vary, offering unique insights and challenges. These lifepath-specific missions serve as an introduction to the game's mechanics and the world.

  1. The Nomad, Street Kid, and Corpo-Rat: Players start their journey by selecting one of these lifepaths, each unlocking a distinct prologue mission that reflects V's background.
  2. Practice Makes Perfect: Following the lifepath mission, players are introduced to combat mechanics in a training session.
  3. The Rescue: This mission introduces players to the game's rescue operations, setting the tone for future engagements.

Act I

Act I kicks off after players complete the Prologue, diving deeper into the main storyline.

  1. The Ripperdoc: Players visit a Ripperdoc for their first cyberware upgrade, a crucial aspect of character progression.
  2. The Ride: This mission introduces players to Night City's transportation and begins the journey into the game's complex narrative.
  3. The Pickup: Players get their first taste of negotiating with Night City's factions.
  4. The Information and The Heist: These missions further the main plot, involving high-stakes theft and information gathering.
  5. Interlude - Love Like Fire: Serving as a bridge to Act II, this interlude offers a glimpse into Johnny Silverhand's backstory.

Act II

With the entire map of Night City now accessible, Act II expands the narrative, offering players more freedom and critical decisions that influence the storyline.

  1. Playing For Time: This mission sets the stage for V's quest to understand and counteract the biochip's effects.
  2. Automatic Love to Disasterpiece: Players delve into the darker sides of Night City, unraveling mysteries and forming alliances.
  3. M'ap Tann Pelen to I Walk The Line: These missions explore V's interactions with Night City's various factions.
  4. Ghost Town to Gimme Danger: Players embark on missions that challenge their combat and negotiation skills.
  5. Search and Destroy: A pivotal mission that sets the stage for the final act, emphasizing the consequences of V's choices.


Act III presents the culmination of V's journey, with missions focusing on resolving the main narrative threads.

  1. Nocturne Op55N1: Marked as the point of no return, this mission requires players to make final decisions that determine the game's ending.
  2. Pathways to Endings: Depending on choices made, players can experience different endings, each offering a unique perspective on V's journey.
  3. Epilogues: Four separate epilogues provide closure based on the paths chosen, wrapping up the main storyline while leaving room for personal interpretation.

Throughout the walkthrough, players encounter a variety of missions that can be tackled in multiple ways, reflecting the game's emphasis on choice and consequence. Cyberpunk 2077 offers 33 main missions, an interlude, and additional half-missions, with several branching paths that lead to multiple endings. Players can engage in side quests that influence the main narrative, adding depth to the game's world and the characters within it.

Side Missions Overview

In Cyberpunk 2077, side missions, also known as side jobs, offer a diverse range of activities and narratives that enrich the gaming experience beyond the main storyline. These missions are scattered across various districts of Night City, each bringing unique challenges and rewards. Here’s an overview of side missions available in different districts:

Watson Side Jobs

Watson, once a corporate hub turned bustling immigrant district, offers a plethora of side jobs that players can stumble upon as they explore its streets. These missions vary from intense gunfights to strategic stealth operations, each tailored to test the player's adaptability and skills.

  • Notable Missions: "The Gift", "The Gig", "Paid in Full", "Big in Japan"
  • Special Mentions: "The Gun" – a mission where players can acquire a unique weapon, and "Epistrophy" where players must hunt down rogue AI cabs across multiple sub-districts.

Westbrook Side Jobs

Known for its luxurious and decadent nightlife, Westbrook provides a series of missions that involve high-stakes and high rewards. Players will engage with various influential figures and delve into the criminal underbelly of Night City.

  • Key Missions: "A Like Supreme", "Stairway to Heaven", "Pisces"
  • Unique Challenges: "Dream On" – involves complex interactions and decisions that can affect the outcome significantly.

City Center Side Jobs

City Center, as the heart of corporate operations, offers missions that often involve dealings with high-profile characters and intricate corporate espionage.

  • Featured Missions: "Boat Drinks", "Bullets"
  • Character-Driven Missions: "The Show Must Go On" – players work closely with character Steven Santos to unravel a deep storyline.

Heywood Side Jobs

In the varied locales of Heywood, from affluent neighborhoods to dangerous slums, players find missions that test their moral compass and combat skills alike.

  • Important Missions: "Heroes", "The Hunt"
  • Engaging Quests: "I Fought the Law" – offers a mix of detective work and action.

Santo Domingo Side Jobs

Santo Domingo's industrial landscape is the backdrop for some of the grittiest side jobs in the game. These missions often revolve around blue-collar crime and corporate exploitation.

  • Significant Missions: "The Beast In Me", "Gun Music"
  • Challenge Highlight: "Sinnerman" – a mission that presents ethical dilemmas and requires careful decision-making.

Pacifica Side Jobs

Pacifica, the most dangerous part of town, throws players into missions that are as unpredictable as the district itself. These jobs usually involve violent encounters and high adrenaline situations.

  • Noteworthy Missions: "Beat on the Brat: Pacifica", "Epistrophy: Coastview"
  • High-Risk Missions: Engage in combat-heavy scenarios against some of the toughest gangs in Night City.

Badlands Side Jobs

Outside the city limits, the Badlands offer a stark contrast with missions set in vast deserts and abandoned structures. These jobs often involve nomad groups and require vehicular combat.

  • Key Missions: "Riders on the Storm", "With a Little Help From My Friends"
  • Unique Environment Challenges: Explore wide-open spaces and engage in missions that utilize the landscape as a tactical element.

Each district in Cyberpunk 2077 not only offers unique vistas and characters but also provides side missions that help players gain deeper insights into the game’s world and its inhabitants. These missions contribute significantly to character development and skill enhancement, making them indispensable for a comprehensive gameplay experience.


In the vibrant and perilous world of Night City, players have the opportunity to explore various romantic relationships in Cyberpunk 2077. These relationships add depth to the gameplay, allowing players to experience the human side of their characters amidst the chaos. Below is a guide to navigating the romances with Judy, Panam, River, and Kerry, each offering unique storylines and interactions based on the player's choices.


Judy Alvarez emerges as a compelling character, her expertise in braindance technology and her affiliation with the Moxes making her a key figure in the game. To embark on a romance with Judy, players must align with certain prerequisites, including playing as Female V with a female body type and voice. The journey to romance Judy involves completing a series of Main Jobs such as "The Information", "Automatic Love", "The Space In Between", "Disasterpiece", and "Double Life". Following these, a set of Side Jobs unlocks, culminating in a scenario where players can pursue a romantic relationship with her. Key moments include agreeing to go diving with Judy, spending the night at her bungalow, and selecting dialogue options that convey empathy and connection, ultimately leading to a deeper relationship if the player chooses "The beginning of something amazing" during a crucial conversation.


Panam Palmer, an ex-Nomad, offers another romance path for players, with the requirement being a male body type for V. Her storyline intertwines with the main quest "Ghost Town" in Act 2, leading to several side jobs that deepen her connection with V. Players should side with Panam during critical discussions and select intimate dialogue options to nurture this relationship. The culmination of Panam's romantic arc offers players a chance to express their feelings through actions and dialogue, reinforcing the bond formed throughout the game.


River Ward's storyline introduces players to a detective from the NCPD, embroiled in the investigation of the mayor's death. To pursue a romance with River, players need a female body type for V. The quest "I Fought The Law" serves as the entry point to River's storyline, with subsequent interactions and choices determining the nature of their relationship. Key to this romance is the expression of care and interest in River's life, with specific dialogue options leading to a more intimate connection.


Kerry Eurodyne, a remnant of Johnny Silverhand's past and a member of the band Samurai, presents a romance option for players with a masculine voice and body type. Kerry's storyline kicks off with the side mission "Holdin' On" in Act 2, followed by a series of quests that gradually reveal his character. Strategic dialogue choices, particularly those that show understanding and affection, pave the way to a romantic relationship. Players must navigate these interactions carefully, as Kerry opens up about his past and vulnerabilities.

Navigating the complex relationships in Cyberpunk 2077 enriches the gameplay experience, offering players a glimpse into the lives and emotions of Night City's inhabitants. Each romance path requires thoughtful choices and actions, reflecting the game's emphasis on narrative depth and character development.

Key Endings

In Cyberpunk 2077, the culmination of V's journey across the neon-lit streets and dark alleys of Night City leads to several pivotal endings. Each ending is shaped by the choices made throughout the game, reflecting the consequences of V's actions and relationships. From aligning with powerful corporations to leaving everything behind for a new beginning, players can experience a variety of outcomes. Below is a detailed overview of the key endings, including the Corpo, Nomad, Street Kid, and Secret endings.

Corpo Ending

In the Corpo ending, V decides to ally with the Arasaka Corporation, embracing the very essence of the corporate world they once navigated. This choice leads V to a path where they can opt to have their consciousness merged into Mikoshi or return to Earth to live out their final six months. This ending highlights the intricate dance between power and morality, challenging players to consider the cost of their ambitions.

  • Requirements: None
  • Consequences: V's decision brings them full circle, confronting the corporate identity they began with or rejecting it in their final moments.

Nomad Ending

The Nomad ending signifies V's decision to leave Night City behind, joining forces with Panam and the Aldecaldos. To achieve this ending, players must complete the quest "Queen of the Highway" and make choices that align with Panam's goals. This ending is marked by a sense of belonging and freedom, as V and Panam venture into the unknown together.

  • Requirements: Finish the quest "Queen of the Highway."
  • Consequences: The Aldecaldos storm Arasaka Tower with V, and Panam takes V out of Night City, offering a fresh start away from the chaos.

Street Kid Ending

In the Street Kid ending, V decides to return to Night City in their own body to live out their final days. This choice is a testament to V's roots and their indomitable spirit. Completing Rogue's questline up to "Blistering Love" and asking Rogue for help are prerequisites for this ending.

  • Requirements: Complete Rogue's questline, up to "Blistering Love," and ask Rogue for help.
  • Consequences: V returns to Night City, becoming a legend in the Afterlife, embracing the street kid identity to the very end.

Secret Ending

The Secret ending, also known as "The Sun" or "Temperance," depending on the player's choice in Mikoshi, is perhaps the most challenging to unlock. It involves V and Johnny Silverhand storming Arasaka Tower on their own, without any support. This ending requires a high-affinity level with Johnny Silverhand and patience, as players must wait for 5 minutes when given the choice to ask Panam or Rogue for help.

  • Requirements: Reach a high-affinity level with Johnny Silverhand, and wait for 5 minutes when given the choice to ask Panam or Rogue for help.
  • Consequences: Depending on the player's choice in Mikoshi, this leads to either "The Sun" or "Temperance" ending, showcasing the ultimate sacrifice or partnership.

Each ending in Cyberpunk 2077 offers a unique perspective on V's journey, influenced by the player's choices and interactions throughout the game. Whether it's aligning with corporations, seeking freedom with the Nomads, staying true to the Street Kid roots, or uncovering the challenging Secret ending, the game provides a rich tapestry of outcomes that reflect the complexity and depth of its world.

DLC Content

Phantom Liberty

In the expansive world of Cyberpunk 2077, the DLC "Phantom Liberty" introduces a gripping new chapter. Players return as the cyber-enhanced mercenary V, embarking on a high-stakes espionage mission to save Myers, the former CEO of Militech and current NUS President. The adventure unfolds in the perilous district of Dogtown, now under the rule of a trigger-happy militia. This setting challenges players to navigate a complex web of loyalties and political intrigue, making alliances crucial for survival.

  1. Mission of Espionage: The core of "Phantom Liberty" revolves around saving Myers, who has crash-landed in Dogtown while aboard Space Force One. The district's dangerous landscape and its inhabitants test the player's limits, requiring them to forge alliances amidst shattered loyalties and sinister political machinations.

  2. Star-Studded Cast and Formidable Enemies: As a government secret agent, V works alongside a cast of memorable characters to unravel the secrets of Phantom Liberty, facing some of Night City's most intimidating foes. This journey is fraught with danger, where failure is not an option.

  3. Multiple Endings: The DLC contains various endings, determined by dialogue choices during key story moments. A notable point of no return precedes "The Tower" ending, marking the conclusion of V's original story with a cure in sight. The path to this pivotal moment diverges based on decisions made in missions like "Firestarter" and "Killing Moon".

  4. New Features and Activities: Alongside the main storyline, "Phantom Liberty" introduces new features exclusive to the expansion. These include a variety of side jobs and gigs, each with its prerequisites, walkthroughs, and rewards. A new location within Pacifica, Dogtown, enriches the gameplay experience with new enemies and activities.

  5. Dogtown Map & Relics System: The expansion brings to life the map of Dogtown and a novel relics system. Players can start the DLC after completing specific prerequisites, venturing into Dogtown through the quest "Dog Eat Dog". The expansion boasts four confirmed endings, influenced by choices in pivotal quests.

  6. Enhancements and Upgrades: "Phantom Liberty" pairs with the Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 update, introducing an entirely new perk system, additional weapons, reworked cyberware, and more. The subsequent 2.1 update further enriches the game with features that enliven Night City.

  7. Spy-Thriller Narrative and Design: The DLC's design emphasizes its spy-thriller narrative, with nuanced characters, a subdued and nuanced music score, and an art direction that blends darkness with neon. Main quests balance espionage tension with the spectacle of cyberpunk, offering a variety of gameplay mechanics and narrative variety.

"Phantom Liberty" emerges as a compelling addition to Cyberpunk 2077, offering an in-depth exploration of espionage in the cyberpunk genre. With its rich narrative, diverse gameplay features, and the introduction of Dogtown, the DLC promises an immersive experience for players navigating the treacherous yet fascinating world of Night City.

Achievements and Trophies

In the immersive world of Cyberpunk 2077, players are offered a rich tapestry of achievements and trophies to collect, adding depth and rewarding exploration and mastery of the game. With a total of 44 trophies available, including 14 hidden trophies, players are encouraged to delve into every corner of Night City, engage in various side activities, and complete the main storyline to fully complete their experience.

Total Number of Trophies

The base game of Cyberpunk 2077 presents players with 44 trophies to collect. This includes a mix of hidden and visible trophies, each offering unique challenges and requiring specific actions to unlock.

Hidden Trophies

Among the 44 trophies, 14 are hidden, designed to surprise and challenge players. These trophies are earned by completing specific parts of the game's storyline. To maintain the element of discovery and to avoid spoilers, the methods to unlock these hidden trophies are not readily visible in the game's trophy or achievement list. Players are encouraged to explore various narrative paths and engage deeply with the game's content to uncover these hidden achievements.

Unlocking Trophies

To unlock the trophies in Cyberpunk 2077, players must engage in a variety of activities throughout Night City. This includes completing side activities such as the Cyberpsycho Sightings, defeating enemies in specific ways, and achieving certain in-game milestones like completing the main storyline or reaching the maximum level for a skill. The diversity of trophies encourages players to explore different playstyles and to fully immerse themselves in the world of Cyberpunk 2077.

Achievement Categories

Achievements in Cyberpunk 2077 can be broadly categorized into several types, including story-related achievements, side character storylines, combat achievements, and exploration achievements. For instance, players earn "The Fool" for becoming a mercenary after completing the prologue, and "The Lovers" for stealing the relic. Further achievements involve deep engagement with key characters such as Panam, Johnny, and Takamura, as well as reaching max street cred and completing all gigs and NCPD scanner hustles in each district.

Combat and Exploration Achievements

In addition to story-driven achievements, players can earn trophies through combat and exploration. This includes defeating a certain number of enemies using ranged or melee weapons, finding all fast travel data terms, and completing specific actions like killing or incapacitating an enemy who threw a grenade at you. These achievements encourage players to experiment with different combat strategies and to thoroughly explore the vast world of Night City.

Collecting Johnny Silverhand's Items

A unique set of achievements involves collecting all items that once belonged to Johnny Silverhand. Players can find his iconic tank top, aviators, jacket, gun, car, pants, and shoes scattered throughout Night City. Collecting these items not only earns players an achievement but also allows them to connect more deeply with the game's lore and history.

Mastering the Game

For players aiming to master Cyberpunk 2077, achieving 100% completion involves collecting all trophies, including the hidden ones, and engaging with every aspect of the game. From intricate storylines to intense combat and exploration, the achievements and trophies of Cyberpunk 2077 offer a structured path to experiencing everything the game has to offer, rewarding dedication and skill with a sense of accomplishment and a deeper connection to the game's world.


As we have traversed through the intricacies of Cyberpunk 2077's vast world, covering everything from the initial lifepath selection to the sprawling districts of Night City, it becomes evident that the game offers an unparalleled depth of story and gameplay. The guide has meticulously covered the rich tapestry of main jobs, side missions, romances, key endings, and even delved into the anticipated content of the Phantom Liberty DLC, providing players with the knowledge needed to fully immerse themselves in the cybernetic dystopia that defines Night City. This comprehensive walkthrough serves as a beacon for both new and returning players, guiding them through the elaborate narrative arcs, complex character interactions, and the tactical combat strategies required to navigate this immersive game.

Furthermore, the exploration of achievements and trophies adds an additional layer of engagement, challenging players to delve deeper into the game's content and uncover all the secrets that lie hidden in the neon-lit streets and shadowy alleys of Night City. The journey through Cyberpunk 2077 is one of discovery, strategy, and personal choice, with each decision shaping the path of the player's story. This guide stands as a testament to the game's complexity and the vibrant world it offers, encouraging players to explore every nuance and corner of Night City, ensuring a truly enriching gameplay experience that resonates long after the final credits roll.


Does the Sequence of Main Missions in Cyberpunk 2077 Affect Gameplay?

The sequence in which you complete main missions in Cyberpunk 2077 does not impact your gameplay. You have the flexibility to start a mission, pause it to engage in another, and return to it later without any consequences. For example, during a playthrough, one might choose to start with Takemura's mission, pause it, and proceed with other missions related to Evelyn or Hellman, with the game's narrative adapting accordingly.

Is It Possible to Achieve 100% Completion in Cyberpunk 2077 in a Single Playthrough?

Yes, it is entirely feasible to reach 100% completion within a single playthrough of Cyberpunk 2077. This comprehensive guide ensures that players can achieve full completion regardless of the chosen lifepath or gender, covering all necessary steps. The total time required may vary between 70 to 100 hours, depending on the player's efficiency in accumulating funds to purchase all vehicles.

Can All Main Missions in Cyberpunk 2077 Be Completed Before the DLC?

Players can complete every main quest in Cyberpunk 2077 up until the final mission before starting the DLC content. The only prerequisite for the DLC is finishing the entire Judy questline. Completing all main quests is necessary to reach the OP55N1 mission, which serves as the point of no return in the game's storyline.

In Cyberpunk 2077, Is It Better to Side with Reed or Songbird?

Choosing to side with Songbird over Reed might prevent players from experiencing a new ending to the base game, but the loss is minimal. The ending obtained by siding with Reed is considered one of the least favorable outcomes in Cyberpunk 2077. Conversely, aligning with Songbird may indirectly lead to a more satisfying conclusion, making it a choice worth considering for those seeking a happier ending.

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