Gallows Hall Skyrim: Locate and Conquer Dreams of the Dead

Gallows Hall in Skyrim beckons adventurers who dare to unearth its mysteries and confront the eerie Dreams of the Dead quest. This enigmatic location, nestled within the vast, sprawling landscape of Skyrim, holds secrets that have intrigued players since its discovery. The allure of gallows hall skyrim lies not only in its challenging quest but also in the unique rewards and lore that it contributes to the Skyrim universe. Players eager to explore the rich narrative and complex world of Skyrim will find Gallow's Hall a critical waypoint in their journey, offering an experience that blends exploration, combat, and puzzle-solving.

This article aims to guide adventurers through the process of locating Gallows Hall, starting the Dreams of the Dead quest, and ultimately conquering this challenging narrative arc to find a way to the dream world skyrim. From pinpointing the exact location to understanding the steps necessary for embarking on the quest, each section is designed to provide a comprehensive walkthrough. Furthermore, the conclusion will furnish players with additional insights and tips to enhance their Skyrim experience, ensuring they are well-equipped to tackle the trials that Gallow's Hall has in store.

Finding Gallows Hall

Gallows Hall Location Skyrim

Traveling to Windhelm

To begin the journey to Gallows Hall, adventurers should first make their way to Windhelm, located in the northeastern region of Skyrim. One can reach Windhelm by walking, using Fast-Travel, or riding a carriage. This city serves as a crucial starting point due to its proximity to the quest location.

Locating Mara's Eye Pond

From Windhelm, travelers need to head southwest towards Eastmarch, aiming for the northwest corner of Mara's Eye Pond. This small pond is easily identifiable by a stone-brick structure and a building next to it. The entrance to Gallows Hall is marked distinctly by a wooden door that protrudes from the rock formation close to several boats floating on the water. Upon entering, one will find a dead mage lying in front of an altar, surrounded by various notes, including Naara’s plea and journal. Reading the journal here initiates the 'Dreams of the Dead' quest, leading adventurers through several puzzle-like steps to progress further.

Starting Dreams of the Dead Quest

Starting Dreams of the Dead Quest

Upon entering Gallows Hall, located at the northeast corner of Mara's Eye Pond, adventurers are immediately thrust into the eerie ambiance of the quest. The hall, accessible through a wooden door near a docked boat, houses the initial clues vital for progressing in the Dreams of the Dead quest.

Discovering Naara's Plea and Journal

As they step inside, explorers will find a dead mage positioned ominously before an altar. Surrounding the corpse are various notes and a crucial journal penned by Naara. Reading this journal is essential, as it kickstarts the quest by weaving a narrative filled with mystique and urgency. The notes scattered around, including desperate messages like "LET ME OUT" and "GET OUT OF MY HEAD," add layers of intrigue and guide the player on the path forward.

Reading the Arch Necromancer's Clue

The next pivotal step involves the Arch Necromancer’s First Clue, located on a stone table with a map at the center of the room. This clue directs adventurers to interact with torches on the walls, each named after different Skyrim locations. The correct sequence of lighting these torches—Morthal, Falkreath, Nightgate Inn, and Fort Dunstad—unlocks the next phase of the quest. This puzzle not only challenges the player's knowledge of Skyrim's geography but also their ability to connect lore with gameplay mechanics.

By meticulously following these clues and understanding the significance behind each item and instruction, players can delve deeper into the mysteries that Gallow's Hall holds, inching closer to mastering the Dreams of the Dead quest.

Completing Dreams of the Dead

Completing Dreams of the Dead Skyrim

Collecting the Required Items

Adventurers must first equip the Staff of Worms and use it to raise the skeleton mage found in the coffin next to the doorway. Interacting with the revived skeleton provides the Arch Necromancer's Key. This key unlocks a nearby safe, revealing valuable items including the Bloodworm Helm, a Dwarven Bow, and the crucial second clue for progressing the quest. Players should then activate the Shrine of Vaermina, located on a shelf against the wall, and sleep on the bedroll beside the starting corpse to transition into the dream world.

Activating the Altar of the Revenant

In the dream world, players are tasked with collecting three Dreamer's Greater Soul Gems from the coffers scattered around the room. Upon returning to the real world, they should find the fourth Dreamer's Soul Gem next to Naara's corpse. All four gems must be placed into the gem holders at each corner of the central altar. Interacting with the altar completes the Dreams of the Dead quest, revealing the entrance to Gallow's Hall and granting players ownership of this mystical location.


Through this journey within the enigmatic borders of Gallows Hall, adventurers have navigated the complex narrative and challenges of the Dreams of the Dead quest. As outlined, the quest unfurls a rich tapestry of lore, combining intricate puzzles, combat, and exploration that culminates in the unlocking of Gallow's Hall. This article has provided a detailed guide, steering adventurers towards not just the physical location but through the quest's layered mysteries, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and preparation for the trials that lie in wait.

The conquest of Gallows Hall and the Dreams of the Dead quest symbolizes more than just another milestone in the vast world of Skyrim—it is a testament to the game's depth and the enduring engagement it offers. Players, now equipped with essential insights and strategies, can look forward to not only mastering this quest but also exploring further depths of Skyrim’s lore-filled universe. This guide aims not just to inform but also to enrich the player's journey into the heart of Skyrim, suggesting a continuous adventure that thrives on discovery and the overcoming of formidable challenges.




1. Where is the "Dreams of the Dead" quest located in Skyrim?
To locate the "Dreams of the Dead" in Skyrim, head to Windhelm and then travel southwest. The entrance is built into the rocks near Mara's Eye Pond. Upon entering, you will find a deceased mage before an altar, surrounded by various notes including Naara's plea and journal.

2. What are the steps to complete the "Dreams of the Dead" quest in Skyrim?
To complete the "Dreams of the Dead" quest, place all four gems into the holders at each corner of the altar. Activating the altar concludes the quest and reveals the entrance to Gallow's Hall, which the player can then access.

3. How can the Altar of the Revenant be activated?
The Altar of the Revenant can be activated between midnight and 1:00 am near Lakeview Manor. This altar only operates during the midnight hour. During this time, look for a beacon of light to locate the altar. Place empty grand soul gems into the altar to transform them into black soul gems.

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