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Embark on a thrilling journey through the dynamic and immersive world of Los Santos and Blaine County with the Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough, your complete guide to mastering one of the most iconic open-world games. Developed by Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) revolutionizes the gaming landscape with its intricate narrative, sprawling map, and deep involvement in driving, shooting, and an extraordinary level of detail in characters and missions. This guide aims to navigate players through the game's complexities, offering insights into achieving the coveted 100% completion, unraveling secrets, and maximizing the game's vast potential.

This comprehensive guide will cover everything from the initial steps in the Prologue to mastering Franklin, Michael, and Trevor missions, preparing for major heists, and exploring unique and odd jobs that contribute to the full GTA V experience. Additionally, gamers will find invaluable advice on acquiring achievements, selecting weapons and vehicles, and strategies for both the main storyline and GTA Online multiplayer mode. Whether you're aiming for GTA 5 100% completion, seeking GTA V secrets, or simply looking to enhance your gameplay with expert tips and tricks, this walkthrough promises to be an indispensable resource for navigating the exhilarating challenges and opportunities presented by Grand Theft Auto V.

Getting Started

Embarking on the adventure in Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) begins with understanding the basics of the game, setting it up, and familiarizing oneself with the controls. This section provides players, whether they are starting anew or creating a new character, with essential information to kickstart their journey in Los Santos and Blaine County.

Overview of GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V introduces players to a vast open world teeming with life and countless opportunities for crime and adventure. The game starts with a tutorial mission, the Prologue, which acquaints players with the main characters: Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips, and later, Franklin Clinton. This mission is crucial as it guides players on moving characters, accessing and aiming weapons, interacting with items and NPCs, and the innovative feature of switching between characters. This mechanic is essential for progressing through the game's storyline, requiring players to frequently switch between Michael, Trevor, and Franklin.

Setting up the Game

For those diving into GTA V or GTA Online for the first time, the setup process is straightforward. Upon launching the game, players will encounter an installation screen. To expedite the download process, it is recommended to use an Ethernet cable for a faster connection. Following the download, players will adjust the game's brightness settings to ensure optimal visibility, which is crucial for experiencing the game's dynamic environments and detailed graphics. Once the setup is complete, the game loads into the story mode, and players are prompted to complete an initial task before accessing the online mode. For GTA Online enthusiasts, navigating to the online mode is easily done through the game's menu, offering a gateway to the expansive multiplayer world of GTA V.

Basic Controls

Familiarizing oneself with GTA V's controls is the next step in mastering the game. The default control scheme varies across different platforms but generally includes commands for movement, character switch, weapon access, and vehicle operation. For instance, on PC, movement is controlled with the WASD keys, while character switching is done with the L-Alt key. Each platform has its specific controls for actions such as entering or exiting vehicles, aiming and firing weapons, and utilizing the character's special abilities. Understanding these controls is fundamental for engaging effectively in missions, heists, and the multitude of activities available in GTA V and GTA Online.

By grasping the basics outlined in this section, players are well-prepared to delve into the rich narrative and expansive world of Grand Theft Auto V. Whether aiming for 100% completion, exploring every corner of Los Santos and Blaine County, or climbing the ranks in GTA Online, the journey begins here.

Prologue, Franklin, Michael Missions (1-8)

Mission 1: Prologue

The journey in Grand Theft Auto V begins with a gripping Prologue mission, setting the tone for the game's narrative. Players start by entering a bank's back office, where they must intimidate employees without resorting to violence. This tension-filled moment requires the use of a weapon to coerce employees but prohibits firing, emphasizing strategy over brute force. The scene shifts as Trevor prepares the vault for robbery, with players using their phone to detonate charges, a blend of traditional heist elements and modern technology. Collecting cash within the vault, players then navigate through a series of increasingly dangerous encounters, including a hostage situation that tests their quick decision-making skills. The mission culminates in a daring escape, challenging players to evade the police through strategic cover and controlled aggression. This opening mission not only introduces key gameplay mechanics but also sets up the complex relationships between the characters.

Mission 2: Franklin and Lamar

This mission serves as Franklin's introduction, immersing players in the vibrant streets of Los Santos. Players choose between two cars, leading to a spontaneous street race with Lamar, filled with obstacles and requiring keen attention to Lamar's movements. Utilizing Franklin's unique wheelman ability, players can navigate tight turns and evade traffic with ease, a skill crucial for the "Focused" requirement and avoiding collisions with alien stuntmen during a daring sequence through a movie lot. The race's final challenge involves navigating through multiple parking garages, where strategic driving and the timely use of Franklin's ability can secure victory. Evading police post-race introduces players to stealth and evasion tactics, adding depth to the gameplay experience.

Mission 3: Repossession

In Repossession, Franklin's skills are further tested in a mission that combines high-speed driving with tactical combat. After a brief at a dealership, players must select a fast car and head to Vespucci Beach, encountering a Stunt Jump that showcases the game's dynamic action and attention to detail. The mission escalates as players confront the Vagos gang, with the requirement to stay undetected and engage in shootouts highlighting the importance of cover and careful weapon selection. Mid-mission, an explosive opportunity arises to take out enemies in a dramatic fashion, emphasizing the game's blend of strategy and spectacle. Successfully repossessing the bike and navigating back to the car wash concludes the mission, demonstrating the game's seamless integration of driving and combat mechanics.

These initial missions lay the foundation for the complex web of heists, chases, and interpersonal drama that defines Grand Theft Auto V. Players are introduced to the game's core mechanics, character abilities, and the sprawling city of Los Santos, setting the stage for the adventures to come.

Heist Preparation

In the intricate world of Grand Theft Auto V, preparing for heists is a critical component that blends strategy, skill, and a bit of cunning. Players find themselves embarking on a series of missions that not only introduce them to the game's mechanics but also set the stage for some of the most thrilling and rewarding moments in the game. The heist preparation phase is where players lay the groundwork for their grand schemes, involving everything from reconnaissance to gathering the necessary gear and assembling a capable crew.

Mission 9: Friend Request

The journey into heist preparation begins with Michael seeking assistance from an old acquaintance, Lester, to address a significant debt. Michael is tasked with infiltrating the Lifeinvader office to rig a prototype device with an explosive, a mission that requires stealth, technical savvy, and a bit of social engineering. Players must navigate through the hipster-filled office, blending in seamlessly to avoid detection. The successful rigging and subsequent detonation of the device during a high-profile presentation mark a pivotal moment in the game, showcasing the lengths to which the characters will go to achieve their objectives.

Mission 10: Father/Son

A more personal mission, "Father/Son" shifts focus to the dynamics between Michael and his family, intertwined with the criminal undertakings that permeate their lives. The mission kicks off with a high-speed chase to recover Michael's stolen yacht, demonstrating the game's seamless integration of driving, shooting, and narrative elements. Players are introduced to the cooperative dynamics between Michael and Franklin, highlighting the importance of teamwork and quick thinking. Successfully rescuing Michael's son and returning the yacht back in pristine condition underscores the game's emphasis on precision and skill across its various gameplay aspects.

Mission 11: Casing the Jewel Store

The preparation for the first major heist in the game involves meticulous planning and reconnaissance. Players, as Michael, must scout the Vangelico jewel store, capturing images of security features and identifying potential entry points. This mission emphasizes the strategic elements of heist planning, requiring players to think critically about their approach. The choice between a stealthy, smart approach or a bold, loud strategy introduces a significant decision-making aspect, influencing the game's direction and the player's experience. Assembling the heist crew introduces another layer of strategy, as players must consider the skills and reliability of potential members, balancing expertise with the cost of their involvement.

The heist preparation missions in Grand Theft Auto V serve as a masterclass in blending narrative depth with engaging gameplay. Players are not only tasked with executing high-stakes criminal activities but also navigating the interpersonal relationships and personal challenges that define the game's protagonists. Through these missions, the game sets the stage for the thrilling, action-packed, and often unpredictable journey that lies ahead in the quest for dominance in Los Santos and Blaine County.

Trevor Missions (14-19)

In the world of Grand Theft Auto V, Trevor's missions are renowned for their intensity and unique character-driven narratives. The following missions, ranging from number 14 to 19, showcase Trevor's unpredictable nature and the chaotic world he inhabits.

Mission 14: Mr. Philips

This mission marks Trevor's dramatic entrance into the storyline, setting the tone for his character. Players are introduced to Trevor's volatile nature as he confronts Johnny Klebitz, leading to a brutal altercation. The mission's intensity is further amplified when Trevor decides to confront the rest of The Lost motorcycle gang. This mission requires players to eliminate gang members, showcasing Trevor's ruthlessness and the game's combat mechanics. The aftermath solidifies Trevor's dominance in Blaine County and introduces players to his methamphetamine business operations.

Mission 15: Nervous Ron

Following the tumultuous events of "Mr. Philips," Trevor turns his attention to expanding his criminal empire. This mission involves Trevor and his paranoid associate, Ron, as they attempt to secure control over local arms trafficking. Players are tasked with sniping enemies and protecting Ron as he makes a daring plane escape. The mission highlights Trevor's strategic side and his ambition to monopolize the arms trade in Sandy Shores. Successfully completing this mission not only advances Trevor's storyline but also unlocks new opportunities for the player in the form of weapon drops and air trafficking missions.

Mission 16: Trevor Philips Industries

Trevor's ambitions continue to grow as he aims to establish his business, Trevor Philips Industries, as the sole provider of methamphetamine and weapons in the region. This mission introduces players to Mr. Cheng, a potential investor interested in Trevor's operations. However, negotiations quickly sour, leading to an intense standoff against rival gangs. Players must defend Trevor's meth lab alongside Chef, a fellow associate, showcasing the game's cover and shooting mechanics. The mission emphasizes Trevor's unpredictable nature and his willingness to go to great lengths to protect his interests.

Throughout these missions, players experience the depth of Trevor's character, from his violent tendencies to his ambitious plans for criminal enterprise. Each mission offers unique gameplay challenges, from intense combat situations to strategic planning and execution. Trevor's missions are not only pivotal to the game's storyline but also provide players with a deeper understanding of the chaotic world of Grand Theft Auto V.

Major Heists in GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V is renowned for its intricate heists, which are central to the game's storyline and offer players a mix of strategy, action, and decision-making. Each heist presents unique challenges and requires careful preparation, from choosing the right crew to executing the plan flawlessly. Below, we delve into three major heists that players encounter in the game.

Heist 1: Jewel Store Job

The Jewel Store Job stands as the first major heist in Grand Theft Auto V, offering players their initial taste of planning and executing a high-stakes robbery. The heist begins with Michael, Franklin, and their chosen crew gathering to rob a high-end jewelry store. The preparation involves selecting the best approach and crew members, whose skills significantly impact the outcome and total take from the heist.

  1. Preparation: Players must choose between a stealthy or loud approach, each requiring specific setup missions to acquire the necessary equipment.
  2. Execution: On the day of the heist, Franklin is tasked with deploying gas into the store's ventilation system to incapacitate the employees and customers, allowing the crew to break into the display cases and steal the jewelry.
  3. Escape: The crew must then escape the scene, with the chosen escape route and crew members' skills playing a critical role in evading the police.

The success of the Jewel Store Job hinges on the player's decisions, from crew selection to execution strategy, impacting the total earnings and the crew's survival.

Heist 2: Merryweather Heist

The Merryweather Heist marks a significant point in the game, bringing together Michael, Franklin, and Trevor for a complex operation against the private military company, Merryweather. This heist is unique as it does not directly result in a monetary reward but instead focuses on stealing a high-value item.

  1. Planning: Players choose between an Offshore or Freighter approach, each with its own set of preparatory missions. The choice affects how the trio will collect the device, with specific skills recommended to increase the chances of success.
  2. Execution: Depending on the approach, the team either intercepts a device at sea or steals it from a heavily guarded freighter. The heist showcases the trio's abilities and requires coordination to overcome Merryweather's defenses.
  3. Outcome: While the heist does not yield financial gains, it significantly advances the storyline and affects the relationships between the protagonists.

The Merryweather Heist challenges players with strategic decision-making and execution, emphasizing the narrative over monetary rewards.

Heist 3: Paleto Score

The Paleto Score is a high-octane heist that tests the player's combat skills and strategic planning. The mission begins with the crew targeting a bank in Paleto Bay, aiming to secure a substantial cash haul.

  1. Heist Setup: The crew, consisting of Michael, Trevor, Franklin, and a chosen gunman, meet to plan the robbery. The preparation phase involves selecting the right gunman and understanding the heist's risks.
  2. Robbery: The crew storms the bank, with Trevor and the gunman handling the explosives while Michael controls the hostages. After securing the cash, they don heavy armor for the escape.
  3. Escape and Shootout: The escape turns into an intense shootout against police and eventually the military. The player must navigate through Paleto Bay, using heavy weaponry and tactical maneuvers to evade capture.
  4. Finale: The heist concludes with a daring escape on a train, with the crew's earnings depending on the gunman's skill and the player's decisions throughout the mission.

The Paleto Score combines elements of planning, combat, and quick decision-making, offering players a thrilling experience and significant rewards based on their performance.

These major heists in Grand Theft Auto V showcase the game's depth and the importance of strategic planning, crew selection, and execution. Players must navigate the challenges of each heist to reap the rewards and advance through the game's captivating storyline.

Unique and Odd Jobs

In the expansive world of Grand Theft Auto V, players can immerse themselves in more than just the main storyline. The game offers a plethora of unique and odd jobs that contribute to the immersive experience and provide opportunities for additional fun and challenges. These activities are categorized into 'Hobbies and Pastimes,' 'Random Events,' and 'Strangers and Freaks,' each offering a distinct flavor to the gameplay.

Hobbies and Pastimes

Grand Theft Auto V is not just about completing missions. The game is teeming with optional diversions scattered throughout San Andreas, known as Hobbies and Pastimes. These activities include Flight School, Shooting Ranges, and various types of Races, allowing players to take a break from the main storyline and engage in different challenges. Many of these activities are unlocked through Strangers and Freaks Missions, adding layers to the gameplay.

  1. Shooting Range Challenges: Players must win a medal in each sub-category to complete these challenges.
  2. Street Races: There are five street races available, and winning a medal in each is required.
  3. Sports: Players can win individually in Golf, Tennis, and Darts.
  4. Triathlons: There are three triathlons, each requiring a medal to win.
  5. Offroad Races: Players must win all six to complete this challenge.
  6. Flight School Courses: Completing all 12 courses with at least a medal is required.
  7. Seashark Races: Winning a medal in all four races is necessary.
  8. Parachuting Missions: All 13 missions need to be completed for this challenge.

Random Events

Random Events add an unpredictable element to the gameplay, allowing players to encounter special missions that can be triggered by any of the three main characters. There are a total of 57 Random Events (60 on Next-gen), but only 14 need to be completed for a 100% game completion. These events range from ATM robberies and security van heists to more bizarre encounters like rescuing kidnapped victims or dealing with drunk pedestrians.

  • ATM Robberies: Players can chase down robbers and choose to keep the stolen money or return it.
  • Security Vans: Intercepting these can lead to easy cash by robbing the guards.
  • Abandoned Vehicles: Interacting with these can lead to various outcomes.
  • Bicycle and Car Thefts: Returning stolen vehicles to their owners is another task players can undertake.
  • Drunk Pedestrians: Players have the option to help drunk individuals get home safely.

Strangers and Freaks

Strangers and Freaks missions involve interesting characters that Michael, Franklin, or Trevor can encounter outside the main story. These missions are marked with a "?" icon on the map and are revealed only after interacting with the characters. While optional, some of these missions are required for 100% game completion and trigger the search for special collectible items around San Andreas.

  • Towing Missions with Tonya Wiggins: Franklin helps Tonya with her towing service through a series of missions.
  • Street Races with Hao: Franklin must win a street race against Hao, which can only be triggered in the evening.
  • Hunting with Cletus Ewing: Trevor goes deer hunting with Cletus, following specific instructions.
  • Paparazzo Missions with Beverly Felton: Franklin assists Beverly in taking compromising photos of celebrities.
  • Alien Part Collection with Omega: Franklin helps Omega find spaceship parts, leading to a unique reward.

These unique and odd jobs in Grand Theft Auto V not only add depth to the game's world but also provide players with countless hours of entertainment beyond the main storyline. Whether it's participating in high-speed races, helping strangers in random events, or completing quirky missions for eccentric characters, there's always something to do in the vast open world of San Andreas.

Achieving 100% Completion

Checklist for 100% Completion

Achieving 100% completion in Grand Theft Auto V requires players to complete a variety of tasks that span across the main storyline, side missions, and various collectible and activity challenges. Here is a comprehensive breakdown of the requirements:

  1. Complete all 69 main storyline missions, including all of Lester's Assassination missions, which are best completed after the main story to maximize profit.
  2. Complete 42 of 61 Hobbies and Pastimes. This includes achieving at least a bronze medal in various shooting range challenges and winning games in sports like tennis and golf.
  3. Complete 14 out of 57/60 Random Events (number varies for returning players on the enhanced version).
  4. Complete 16 miscellaneous tasks, which range from purchasing properties and vehicles to engaging in social activities like visiting bars and watching movies.
  5. Strangers and Freaks missions: Complete all required missions for Franklin, which contribute significantly to the completion percentage.

Tips for Completing Side Activities

To efficiently tackle the side activities in GTA V, consider the following tips:

  • Strangers and Freaks: Prioritize these missions as some, such as those from Tonya, need to be completed early in the game to unlock others.
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: Engage in these activities to not only boost your completion percentage but also improve your character’s abilities. For instance, completing flight school significantly enhances flying skills.
  • Random Events: These appear spontaneously around the map. Keep an eye out for blue dots that appear on your radar, which indicate the presence of these events.

Location of Collectibles

Collectibles in GTA V are scattered throughout the map and are integral to achieving 100% completion. Utilizing the GTA V Interactive Map can significantly ease the process of locating these items. Here’s a quick guide to what you’ll be looking for:

  • 50 Spaceship Parts: Collecting all will unlock the unique vehicle, the Space Docker.
  • 50 Letter Scraps: Assemble all to solve the Mystery of Leonora Johnson.
  • Stunt Jumps and Under the Bridge challenges: Completing these will not only contribute to your completion percentage but also provide a thrilling experience.
  • Hidden Packages: Located throughout the waters of Los Santos, these contain cash and sometimes weapons.

Collecting all necessary items and completing the outlined tasks and challenges will not only grant you 100% completion but also unlock exclusive content and achievements, enhancing your Grand Theft Auto V experience.

Online Multiplayer (GTA Online)

Introduction to GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Online offers players a chance to explore the seedy underbelly of Los Santos and Blaine County in a dynamic multiplayer world. Starting as a level one character, players can embark on a rags-to-riches journey, aiming to amass a fortune of $50 million. Whether you are new to the game or starting a fresh character, GTA Online is designed to provide an engaging experience from the very beginning. The journey kicks off with a detailed introduction to the mechanics of the online world, ensuring that even beginners can navigate the complexities of Los Santos with ease.

Setting up a Character

  1. Character Creation: Upon launching GTA Online for the first time, players are greeted with the character creator. Here, one can choose their character's heritage by selecting grandparents and then adjusting parental genes. This choice affects the character's initial appearance.
  2. Lifestyle Choices: Players then allocate 24 hours to various lifestyle activities that determine their starting skills and traits. This step is crucial for setting up your character's initial capabilities.
  3. Appearance Customization: The final step involves customizing the character's appearance, including hairstyle, age, and accessories such as glasses and hats. This allows players to create a truly unique avatar for their adventures in GTA Online.
  4. Tutorial: After character setup, players are introduced to Los Santos through a comprehensive tutorial. It's highly recommended not to skip this part as it provides invaluable insights into the game's mechanics.

Types of Missions

GTA Online is filled with a variety of missions that players can undertake to earn money, reputation points (RP), and to simply enjoy the vast array of activities available. Here's a breakdown of the types of missions you'll encounter:

  1. Contact Missions: These missions are offered via text messages from NPC bosses in the game. As players increase in rank, more missions become available, each varying in difficulty and reward.
  2. Requesting Jobs: Players have the option to request missions directly from bosses by selecting "Request Job" on their in-game phone, further expanding the opportunities for engagement and advancement.
  3. Freemode Missions: A subset of missions can only be accessed from job coronas in Freemode, marked on the radar by a star icon. These missions are available during set in-game time periods and offer a different flavor of challenges.

After completing the tutorial, the world of GTA Online opens up in Free Roam mode, allowing players to explore, undertake missions, and engage in activities as they please. Whether opting for structured activities like Jobs to delve deeper into the story and meet new or familiar characters, or exploring the vast open world at their leisure, GTA Online offers a rich, immersive experience for all players.


Through this comprehensive guide, we've embarked on an extensive journey covering every aspect of Grand Theft Auto V, from the basics of getting started, through the intricacies of major story missions and elaborate heists, to the endless opportunities for mayhem and money in GTA Online. Along the way, the guide has underscored the critical elements of strategy, character progression, and the sheer excitement that the game offers, ensuring players are well-equipped to tackle Los Santos and Blaine County's challenges. This walkthrough has aimed to provide gamers, whether veteran thieves or newcomers to the chaotic world of Grand Theft Auto V, with the knowledge and strategies necessary for mastering the game's sprawling narrative and dynamic multiplayer environment.

The significance of this guide reaches beyond mere gameplay tips, embedding itself as an essential companion in unveiling the secrets, maximizing potential, and ensuring an enriching experience in the vast open world of GTA V. As players continue to navigate the treacherous yet thrilling paths of Michael, Franklin, and Trevor's lives, this guide stands as a beacon, ensuring every mission, heist, and odd job is not just completed but mastered. Whether aspiring for the elusive 100% completion or simply seeking to enjoy every aspect GTA V has to offer, the journey through Los Santos is bound to be unforgettable, filled with adrenaline-pumping action and unending adventure.


Achieving 100% Completion in GTA 5

Q: What steps are necessary to achieve 100% completion in GTA 5?
A: To reach 100% completion in GTA 5, you must complete all story missions, including Lester's assassination missions, all of Tonya's towing missions, all of Beverly's paparazzo missions with Franklin, and Hao's Shift Work mission with Franklin.

Completing the Story Mode

Q: How can I complete the story mode in GTA 5?
A: To complete the story mode in GTA 5, focus on completing the main story missions with all three characters, ensuring no other missions are pending. As you approach the final missions, be prepared for an increase in difficulty.

Time Required to Complete GTA 5

Q: How long does it typically take to complete GTA 5?
A: On average, completing just the story of GTA 5 takes about 32 hours. For players aiming to complete everything the game offers, it can take approximately 83.5 hours.

Required Strangers and Freaks Missions for 100% Completion

Q: Which Strangers and Freaks missions are necessary for 100% completion in GTA 5?
A: Out of the 58 Strangers and Freaks missions, 20 specific ones are required for 100% completion. These include all five of Tonya's towing missions and all five of Beverly's paparazzo missions, among others, and must be completed with Franklin.

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