Helldivers 2 Illuminate: What You Need to Know About the New Faction

In the ever-evolving landscape of third-person shooters, "Helldivers 2: Illuminate" marks a significant addition to the genre, introducing players to a new and formidable faction: the Illuminate. This latest installment not only promises thrilling Hell Divers 2 gameplay but also introduces the Illuminates Helldivers 2 has been eagerly waiting to confront. As the gaming community buzzes with Helldivers 2 news, understanding the nuances of the Illuminate faction and how it reshapes the battlefield becomes paramount for both veterans and newcomers alike, making this update a pivotal point in the Helldivers saga.

Already, Helldivers 2 Illuminate sightings have set the community abuzz, speculating on the potential new enemy types, gameplay enhancements, and strategies required to tackle this enigmatic adversary. This article delves into who the Illuminate is, highlighting anticipated enemy types that promise to challenge players in novel ways. Moreover, it explores the latest additions to the Helldivers 2 gameplay, ensuring readers are well-prepared to dive back into the fray. With these insights, players can look forward to enriching their gaming experience, fulfilling their roles more effectively in this expanded universe.

Who are the Illuminate?

Background and History

The Illuminate, also known as the Squ’ith, are an ancient, technologically advanced alien species originally from an aquatic environment. They have been observing humanity for centuries, often mistaken for the UFOs and flying saucers reported in human history. Despite their peaceful overtures towards humanity, their possession of advanced weaponry led to a declaration of war by the Federation. Following the First Intergalactic War, they were forced to sign a treaty that dismantled their military capabilities and required them to hand over their technology to Super Earth.

Unique Abilities and Weapons

The Illuminate are distinguished by their use of psionic abilities and advanced technology. They employ cloaking technology to render themselves nearly invisible on the battlefield, making them formidable adversaries. Their arsenal includes energy-based weapons and shields, and they are known for their ability to teleport, both for evasion and for tactical positioning. The Illuminate's combat tactics are heavily reliant on strategy and technology, using barriers and projectiles to control the battlefield.

Role in the Game's Lore

In the Helldivers universe, the Illuminate play a crucial role as one of the primary antagonists challenging the dominance of Super Earth. Their technological prowess and strategic combat style make them a persistent threat throughout the series. In Helldivers 2, they continue to be a significant enemy, with new gameplay mechanics likely reflecting their unique abilities and tactical approach. Their continued presence in the game’s lore underscores their importance and the ongoing conflict with the forces of Super Earth.

Potential New Enemy Types

In "Helldivers 2: Illuminate," players may encounter a variety of new enemy types that expand on the strategic challenges of the game. These include sophisticated drones, aggressive melee attackers, and units equipped with shield generators and advanced weaponry, each designed to test the player's tactical adaptability and prowess.


The most basic unit, the Observer, is a small drone that plays a critical role in surveillance. It can cloak and teleport, making it a stealthy threat that forces players to remain vigilant. Observers survey the battlefield and can suddenly appear to compromise a player's position, adding a layer of complexity to the gameplay.

Melee Attackers

The Illuminate faction introduces melee attackers that blend the ferocity of the Terminids with the tactical challenge of close-quarter combat. These attackers are not just brutes; they require players to strategically manage their engagements, choosing when to confront and when to evade, making melee skirmishes more intense and consequential.

Shield Generators and Advanced Weaponry

The Illuminate's use of shield generators and advanced weaponry makes them a formidable force on the battlefield. Shield generators protect enemy units, requiring players to tactically dismantle these defenses before dealing damage. Additionally, the advanced weaponry, including energy shields and mind-control technology, not only enhances the Illuminate's offensive capabilities but also disrupts players' strategies by reversing controls, complicating the combat experience.

These new enemy types ensure that "Helldivers 2: Illuminate" remains a challenging and engaging experience for players, pushing them to constantly evolve their tactics and approach to combat.

New Gameplay Enhancements

New Planets and Environments

"Helldivers 2: Illuminate" introduces players to an array of new planets, primarily aquatic in nature, reflecting the Illuminate's origin. These environments range from lush, water-covered planets to marshy landscapes, offering new challenges and strategic elements. The addition of these planets not only diversifies the visual experience but also impacts gameplay, demanding adaptations to both combat and exploration strategies.

New Vehicles and Stratagems

To navigate the newly introduced aquatic and marshy terrains, "Helldivers 2" integrates a variety of new vehicles and stratagems. These include amphibious vehicles that can traverse both land and water seamlessly, and specialized gear like water propulsion systems that allow for swift movements through water-heavy environments. These additions are crucial for mastering the unique challenges posed by the Illuminate's home territories.

How Illuminate Faction Can Influence Gameplay

The Illuminate faction, with their sophisticated technology and psionic abilities, brings a fresh dynamic to the battlefield. Their ability to manipulate the environment and cloak themselves introduces a layer of unpredictability and complexity. Players must develop new tactics and leverage the unique vehicles and stratagems provided to effectively counter the threats posed by the Illuminate. This not only enhances the tactical depth of the game but also ensures that each encounter with the Illuminate remains engaging and challenging.


As we have journeyed through the significant intricacies of the upcoming "Helldivers 2: Illuminate," it's clear that the introduction of the Illuminate faction poses a formidable challenge that beckons veteran players and newcomers alike back into its rich and strategic gameplay. Understanding the nuanced abilities and tactics of the Illuminate not only prepares players for the advanced combat scenarios they will face but also enriches the overall gaming experience. This expansion of the Helldivers saga with new enemy types, gameplay enhancements, and strategically demanding environments ensures that the battle for Super Earth will continue to evolve, presenting endless tactical possibilities.

The implications of the Illuminate's presence in "Helldivers 2" are vast, promising to elevate the tactical gameplay that fans have come to cherish. As players adapt to the strategic demands posed by the Illuminate's advanced technology and combat tactics, they contribute to the ever-expanding lore of the Helldivers universe. Whether flying solo or banding together in the spirit of camaraderie, gamers are on the brink of uncovering new depths of gameplay that promise to challenge their skills in unprecedented ways. Engaging with this new adversary will undoubtedly secure "Helldivers 2: Illuminate" a celebrated spot in the annals of third-person shooter history.


Q: What is the Illuminate faction in Helldivers 2?
A: The Illuminate, a faction from the original Helldivers game, has been absent from the sequel but is rumored to be making a return. Concept art of the faction has recently surfaced, indicating their possible comeback.

Q: Has there been any information leaked about the new faction in Helldivers 2?
A: In the previous Helldivers game, the Illuminate faction was known for being an advanced alien civilization. Although they have not been officially mentioned in the sequel, a leaked image suggests the introduction of a whip-like weapon, possibly used by a new enemy type referred to as Summoner or Mage.

Q: Is there a third faction planned for Helldivers 2?
A: Yes, a third faction from the first game is currently being developed for Helldivers 2, and there are also plans to introduce a fourth, entirely new faction.

Q: Can you describe the Illuminate in Helldivers?
A: The Illuminate are similar to several iconic factions from other popular sci-fi games. They are comparable to the Protoss from Starcraft, the Eldar from Warhammer 40,000, and the Covenant from Halo. Known for their use of advanced technologies like teleportation, energy weaponry, and energy shields, the Illuminate also deploy support walkers and drones in battle.

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