Genshin Impact Review: The Ultimate RPG Experience

In the ever-evolving landscape of free-to-play games, Genshin Impact emerges as a standout title, meriting an in-depth Genshin Impact review. This game has captivated players worldwide with its expansive world of Teyvat, a realm rich in lore, quests, and mysteries waiting to be uncovered. It ingeniously combines elements of traditional role-playing games with a modern co-op experience, all wrapped in an aesthetically pleasing anime-inspired art style. The significance of Genshin Impact lies not only in its gameplay mechanics but in the way it has redefined what players expect from free-to-play titles, making it a subject worth exploring for both avid gamers and newcomers.

This article will navigate through various facets of the game, from the engaging core gameplay experience and the immersive story and characters to the visually striking audiovisuals that complement the journey through Teyvat. Additionally, it will delve into the controversial yet innovative Gacha model, analyzing how it balances monetization with a free-to-play structure. Furthermore, the review will consider the game's performance and technical aspects, offering a comprehensive view of what makes Genshin Impact a good game and discussing the critique around why Genshin Impact is bad for some players. By dissecting these individual components, the article aims to provide a definitive verdict on Genshin Impact, encapsulating the ultimate RPG experience for iOS and other platforms.

Engaging with Teyvat: The Core Gameplay Experience

Exploring Diverse Lands

In Genshin Impact, the world of Teyvat offers a vast and varied landscape for players to explore. From the lush, verdant forests of Mondstadt to the rich, golden dunes of the Hypostyle Desert, each region is meticulously crafted with unique environmental elements and aesthetics. Players can traverse through different terrains such as mountains, rivers, and mysterious dungeons. The exploration is not just about the scenery; it also involves interacting with different elements within the environment. For instance, players can use Cryo abilities to freeze water surfaces to cross large bodies of water or use Anemo abilities to activate special wind currents that can lift them to higher ground.

Elemental Combat System and Party Dynamics

The core gameplay of Genshin Impact is deeply integrated with its elemental combat system. Players can form a party of up to four characters, each wielding distinct weapons and elemental powers. The combat system allows for a dynamic interplay between different elements, where combining attacks like Hydro with Electro can lead to powerful Elemental Reactions, enhancing damage and effects on opponents. This strategic layer is further deepened by the ability to switch between characters in real-time during battles, allowing players to maximize their elemental advantages.

Puzzles and Challenges in Exploration

As players navigate through the world of Teyvat, they encounter various puzzles and challenges that require more than just combat skills to overcome. These include environmental puzzles that often involve activating mechanisms in a certain order or using elemental interactions to unlock new pathways. For example, lighting up a series of torches using Pyro skills or using Geo abilities to create platforms to reach higher areas. Additionally, the game introduces timed challenges and combat scenarios that test the player's agility and strategic thinking. These elements not only enrich the exploration experience but also reward players with valuable resources and artifacts essential for character progression.

The Story and Characters: An Immersive Anime Journey

Narrative Overview

Genshin Impact's storyline captivates with its rich tapestry of lore and evolving narratives that span across the fantastical world of Teyvat. The game begins with the Traveler, who, along with their sibling, arrives in this mysterious world from another dimension, only to be separated by unknown forces. As the Traveler searches for their sibling, they unravel the complex political and social structures of each region, guided by a series of Archon quests. These quests not only deepen the player's engagement with the plot but also introduce them to a variety of characters, each bringing their own stories and motivations.

Character Depth and Interactions

The depth of Genshin Impact's characters is a cornerstone of its storytelling. Characters like Yoimiya and Nilou are prime examples of how the game layers personality traits and backstories to create complex figures. Yoimiya, the cheerful pyrotechnician from Inazuma, represents more than her bubbly exterior suggests, reflecting the region's underlying tensions and her role in helping her people navigate their hardships. Similarly, Nilou's character transcends the initial perception of a mere dancer, revealing her struggles as an artist in a society that undervalues creative expressions. These characters interact with the player's Traveler, allowing for dynamic relationships that evolve based on the choices made during the game, thereby directly impacting the narrative flow and player experience.

Impact of Story on Gameplay

The intertwining of Genshin Impact's story with its gameplay mechanics is seamless, enhancing the overall immersive experience. Story quests often introduce new characters or deeper insights into existing ones, like the Raiden Shogun's quests which explore her past and her transformation as a leader. These narratives are not just filler; they are crucial for understanding the motivations and evolution of characters that the player interacts with. Moreover, the story affects gameplay through the introduction of new regions and challenges that correspond to the narrative developments, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging. The player's journey through Teyvat is filled with discoveries that link back to the rich lore, making every quest and interaction meaningful within the larger story arc.

By integrating these elements, Genshin Impact ensures that the story remains a central component of the gameplay, influencing player decisions and strategies. This approach not only enriches the player's experience but also builds a deeper connection to the world and its inhabitants.

Visuals and Audio: A Feast for the Senses

Stunning Landscapes and Character Designs

Genshin Impact sets a high standard in game aesthetics, boasting stunning landscapes and well-designed characters that draw players deeper into the game's world. Players explore diverse biomes, from the freezingly cold hills to tranquil cliffs, each rendered with breathtaking detail. The character designs further enhance this visual feast; each character is distinct, charming, and aesthetically pleasing, contributing to a rich, immersive experience. However, while the game generally offers impressive visuals, there are minor aliasing issues, particularly noticeable in city areas with many NPC models, which can be distracting, especially on platforms like the PS4.

Voice Acting and Localization

The voice acting in Genshin Impact is a mixed bag with some inconsistencies. The English voice acting varies, with some characters not matching their subtitles, and lip syncing can be noticeably off. Despite these issues, the localization is generally well-executed, with minimal grammatical errors. However, the voice acting quality and the adherence to the original script can vary, leading to a different reception among the audience, with some preferring the original Chinese voiceovers which tend to preserve the character's original essence and personality better.

Music and Sound Effects

The audio experience in Genshin Impact is nothing short of spectacular. The game features a dynamic and richly orchestrated soundtrack, with distinctive themes for different regions like Mondstadt and Liyue, enhancing the overall ambiance and reflecting the unique cultural aspects of each area. The sound design is meticulously crafted, with detailed sound effects that are particularly noticeable with quality headphones, adding layers of depth to the game environment. The music often adopts a less dominant role, allowing the environmental sounds to shine, creating a balanced and immersive audio experience that compleates the visual splendor of the game.

The Gacha Model: Balancing Free-to-Play and Monetization

Mechanics of the Gacha System

Genshin Impact incorporates a gacha system known as "Wishes," which is central to its monetization strategy. Players use in-game currencies like Primogems or Acquaint Fate/Intertwined Fate to make these wishes. Each wish grants the player a random item or character, with different banners offering varying probabilities for items of different rarities. The system is designed to include a "pity system," ensuring that players receive a 4-star or 5-star item within a set number of pulls. This system, while introducing elements of chance, guarantees certain rewards, balancing player satisfaction with revenue generation.

Impact on Player Experience

The gacha model significantly impacts player experience by introducing a layer of excitement and uncertainty. The chance to obtain rare characters or items can be thrilling but also frustrating due to low probabilities. For instance, the chance of pulling a five-star character is only 0.6%, but this increases slightly through the "soft pity" system after a certain number of unsuccessful pulls. This model can influence players to spend real money to increase their chances, although it's notable that many players have completed significant game challenges without financial investment.

It is entirely feasible to enjoy and progress through Genshin Impact without spending real money. The game provides ample opportunities to earn Primogems—the primary currency for making wishes—through regular gameplay such as completing quests, daily commissions, and event participation. Players can strategically use these resources on specific banners to optimize their chances of obtaining desired characters or items. Furthermore, the community shares various strategies and planning tips to maximize resources and enjoy the game's full experience without financial expenditure.

Performance and Technical Aspects

Gameplay Smoothness Across Platforms

Genshin Impact's performance varies significantly across different platforms. Players on mobile devices often experience lag, particularly due to the game's large file size, which can lead to frustrating gameplay interruptions. For instance, a common issue reported is bosses regaining full health during a fight due to the game needing to reconnect. In contrast, those playing on computers, Nintendo Switches, or PlayStations generally encounter fewer performance issues, thanks to better hardware capabilities that handle the game's demands more efficiently.

Issues with Lag and Loading Times

Lag and loading times are notable concerns among Genshin Impact players, especially on platforms with limited processing power like mobile phones. Some players have reported extreme cases where loading times reached several hours, and gameplay was hindered by frequent freezing and sound cutting out. To mitigate these issues, players have found workarounds such as adjusting game settings or performing specific steps to optimize the game's performance on their devices. For example, closing the game fully and waiting at the login screen before re-entering has been suggested to improve loading times.

Graphics and Camera Angles

While Genshin Impact is lauded for its stunning visuals and impressive landscapes, there are technical aspects that occasionally detract from the user experience. Players have noted aliasing issues, particularly in densely populated city areas, which can be distracting. Additionally, the camera angles can sometimes shift unexpectedly, requiring manual adjustment to realign the view. Despite these challenges, the game's graphical fidelity remains a strong point, with future updates promising even greater enhancements, albeit with potential performance trade-offs on older hardware models.

Final Thoughts: The Verdict on Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact, a gacha game that merges exploration, action, and role-playing, has drawn comparisons to genre giants like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This synthesis of various game mechanics and the inclusion of an engaging, anime-inspired narrative crafts a unique experience that resonates with a broad audience. Developed with a substantial budget, reportedly around $100 million, Genshin Impact has not only recouped its investment but has also established a robust player base, enamored by its expansive world and intricate gameplay.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The game's strengths are manifold, starting with its richly developed world of Teyvat, which offers a deeply immersive experience. The elemental combat system is a core feature that requires players to understand and utilize elemental reactions effectively, especially in challenging scenarios like the Spiral Abyss. The diversity of characters, each with unique backstories and abilities, adds a significant layer of depth and strategy to the game.

However, Genshin Impact is not without its weaknesses. The gacha system, while a common monetization strategy in free-to-play games, introduces a level of randomness that can be frustrating due to low probabilities of obtaining high-tier characters. Additionally, the game's content, particularly the main storyline, is still in development, which can occasionally slow player progression to pace the release of new content.

Comparisons with Similar Games

Genshin Impact often draws comparisons to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, due to its open-world exploration and elemental-based combat. However, it also incorporates successful elements from other games like Guild Wars 2 and Shadow of the Colossus, creating a hybrid that appeals to fans of multiple genres. Unlike games that focus solely on combat or narrative, Genshin Impact provides a balanced mix of story, exploration, and action, making it a comprehensive RPG experience.

Recommendations for Potential Players

For new players, Genshin Impact offers a generous amount of content without the necessity of spending real money. The game is designed to be accessible, providing ample resources through regular gameplay. Newcomers are encouraged to engage with the community and utilize available guides to optimize their gameplay strategy, particularly in managing resources and understanding elemental reactions. Despite its gacha system, the game's core mechanics and the sheer amount of free content make it a recommended experience for anyone interested in a rich and expansive RPG.

Genshin Impact stands out not just for its gameplay but also for its dynamic approach to an evolving game world, where ongoing development promises continual enhancements and expansions. This approach ensures that the game remains engaging for existing players while becoming increasingly appealing to new audiences.


Through a comprehensive exploration of its core gameplay elements, narrative depth, striking visual and auditory presentation, and the complexities of its gacha model, it's evident that Genshin Impact redefines the standards of free-to-play games, offering a rich, immersive experience rarely seen in the genre. The synthesis of engaging exploration, strategic combat, and compelling storytelling, coupled with a vibrant world filled with diverse landscapes and characters, underlines the game's success in delivering an RPG experience that captivates and engages. However, while the game stands as a paragon in many aspects, the inherent challenges of its gacha system and the ongoing nature of content development present areas where player experience can vary, highlighting both strengths and areas for potential improvement.

As the world of Teyvat continues to expand and evolve, Genshin Impact promises to offer even more to its players, with updates aimed at enhancing gameplay, introducing new stories, and refining technical aspects to improve overall performance. For prospective adventurers, diving into Genshin Impact's enchanting realm promises not just a game, but a journey—a journey filled with mystery, adventure, and the boundless potential for discovery within the ever-growing expanse of Teyvat. The game's ability to blend traditional RPG elements with innovative gameplay mechanics ensures that it remains a significant title within the gaming landscape, inviting players to immerse themselves in its rich, dynamic world for years to come.


Is Genshin Impact Worth Playing as an RPG?

Genshin Impact offers a unique RPG experience where each region feels like its own mini-JRPG, complete with a diverse cast of characters. The expansive world and large character roster provide a fresh adventure, especially when familiar faces appear in new locations. However, the game's vastness might be overwhelming for newcomers.

How Does Genshin Impact Compare to Honkai Star Rail?

For fans of open-world sandbox experiences, Genshin Impact is the preferred choice. While Honkai: Star Rail may have a more compelling storyline, Genshin Impact excels in combat and offers multiplayer online co-op play, an option not available in Honkai Star Rail.

Is Genshin Impact a Solid Choice on iOS Devices?

Yes, Genshin Impact delivers a solid action RPG experience on iOS devices, providing an engaging adventure for players.

Does the Storyline in Genshin Impact Add to the Game's Value?

The storyline in Genshin Impact is considered average, with its strength lying in the promise of new regions and extensive worldbuilding. The exploration and worldbuilding are the main attractions, with the story serving more as a backdrop to enhance the exploration experience.

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