Minecraft Armadillo: Your Ultimate Guide to Finding and Breeding

In the ever-evolving world of Minecraft, the introduction of the Minecraft armadillo adds a new layer of excitement and possibility to the game. As the latest mob in the Minecraft update, the armadillo brings unique behaviors and benefits, stirring curiosity among players about what do armadillos do in Minecraft and how they fit into the ecosystem of the game. Their introduction not only enriches the biodiversity within Minecraft but also opens new avenues for exploration, adventure, and strategy, making them a significant addition to the Minecraft universe.

This guide will delve into the specifics of finding and breeding the new mob, offering insights into where to find armadillos in Minecraft, how to breed armadillos, and what do armadillos eat in Minecraft. Additionally, it will explore the possibilities of Minecraft armadillo armor and the uses of armadillo scutes, answering common questions like "can you tame an armadillo in Minecraft" and providing a comprehensive overview of Minecraft armadillo breeding. Whether you're aiming to enhance your gameplay or simply curious about the latest Minecraft armadillo update, this article will provide the essential information you need to navigate the world of Minecraft armadillos.

What Do Armadillos Do in Minecraft?

What Do Armadillos Do in Minecraft?

Armadillos in Minecraft are passive mobs that exhibit unique behaviors and interactions within the game's ecosystem. They are primarily found in badlands and savannas, adding a layer of realism and excitement to these environments.

Passive Nature

Armadillos do not pose any threat to players as they are passive creatures. Their most notable behavior is their defensive mechanism; when threatened by players sprinting, mounting, or when undead hostile mobs are nearby, armadillos roll up into a cube-like shape. This action reduces the damage they receive and is crucial for their survival in the hostile world of Minecraft. They are known to hide in their shells when hurt or confronted, emphasizing their passive and defensive nature. During this rolled-up state, armadillos cannot walk, eat, or be tempted by food, making them vulnerable yet fascinating to observe.

Interaction with Other Mobs

The interaction of armadillos with other mobs in Minecraft adds an interesting dynamic to the game. Armadillos have a peculiar relationship with spiders; spiders, including cave spiders, tend to run away from armadillos. This is likely due to the armadillos' appetite for spider eyes, which can also be used by players to lead and control their movements within a range of 10 to 16 blocks. Additionally, feeding spider eyes to a baby armadillo can accelerate its growth, making this interaction strategically beneficial for players looking to breed these mobs.

Armadillos' behavior patterns mirror some realistic traits, such as their nocturnal activity. Players might find armadillos more active during the night, roaming the moonlit landscapes of Minecraft. Despite their ability to defend themselves by curling up, armadillos cannot be tamed, which means players can interact with them but cannot make them companions.

These behaviors not only contribute to the authenticity of the game but also provide players with strategic elements to consider while interacting with or observing armadillos in their natural Minecraft habitats.

Where to Find Armadillos in Minecraft

Where to Find Armadillos in Minecraft

In the expansive world of Minecraft, players can encounter the intriguing armadillo in two specific types of biomes, offering a unique opportunity to observe and interact with this new mob. Understanding where to find armadillos can enhance a player's experience by facilitating strategic gameplay and exploration.

Spawn Biomes

Armadillos predominantly spawn in warm biomes, making their presence more predictable for players familiar with Minecraft's environmental zones. The primary biomes where one can find armadillos are:

  1. Savannah Biome: Known for its wide, grassy plains and sparse tree coverage, the Savannah biome is one of the most common areas to encounter armadillos. Players can verify they are in the correct biome by pressing F3 to see the biome name displayed.

  2. Badland Biome: Characterized by its colorful terracotta layers and rugged terrain, the Badland biome also serves as a natural habitat for armadillos. This biome offers a stark contrast to the lush Savannah, providing a different backdrop for armadillo sightings.

These biomes not only support the life of armadillos but also enhance the ecological diversity within the game, making each exploration session unique.

Group Behavior

Armadillos often spawn in groups, which can be an exciting find for players. Observing multiple armadillos together allows players to witness their interactions and behaviors in a communal setting. Whether roaming the terrain in search of food or curling up into a defensive ball when threatened, the group dynamics of armadillos add depth to the gameplay experience.

By visiting these biomes and understanding the group behaviors of armadillos, players can increase their chances of encountering these fascinating creatures, thereby enriching their Minecraft adventures.

How to Breed Armadillos

How to Breed Armadillos

Required Items

To initiate the breeding process of armadillos in Minecraft, players need to gather a few essential items. First and foremost, two spider eyes are required, which are pivotal in attracting the armadillos. These can be procured by defeating spiders and witches or by looting desert pyramid chests. Having a sword with the looting enchantment significantly enhances the likelihood of obtaining spider eyes from these mobs.

Breeding Process

Breeding armadillos involves a series of steps that players must carefully follow to ensure success:

  1. Locate Armadillos: Armadillos spawn in groups, typically in savanna or badlands biomes. Players should explore these areas to find two adult armadillos.

  2. Prepare Spider Eyes: Players should have spider eyes selected in their hotbar. This will make the armadillos approach the player, similar to other breedable mobs in Minecraft.

  3. Approach with Caution: It is crucial not to sprint near the armadillos. Sprinting or the presence of players on mounts and undead mobs can scare the armadillos, causing them to curl into a ball. In this state, they are unable to accept food.

  4. Feed the Armadillos: If the armadillos are calm and not curled up, players can then right-click on each armadillo with a spider eye. This action will put the armadillos into love mode.

  5. Wait for the Baby Armadillo: Once both armadillos are in love mode, they will get close to each other, and a baby armadillo will spawn shortly after. Players will also gain some experience points during this process.

  6. Speed Up Growth: The baby armadillo can be grown into an adult faster by feeding it additional spider eyes. There is a cooldown period during which the parent armadillos cannot breed again, typically lasting a few minutes.

By following these steps, players can successfully breed armadillos in Minecraft, adding to their experience and enjoyment of the game.

Uses of Armadillo Scutes

Uses of Armadillo Scutes

Armadillo scutes, unique items dropped by armadillos, serve a critical role in Minecraft by allowing players to craft and repair wolf armor. These scutes offer additional protection for wolves, enhancing their durability during gameplay.

Crafting Wolf Armor

Crafting wolf armor requires six armadillo scutes. Players can collect these scutes either by waiting for armadillos to passively drop them approximately every five to ten minutes or by accelerating the process through breeding armadillos with spider eyes or using a brush tool. Once collected, the crafting process is straightforward:

  1. Gather Materials: Ensure you have six armadillo scutes.
  2. Access the Crafting Table: Position yourself at a crafting table.
  3. Arrange Scutes in the Crafting Grid: Place one scute in the top left corner, one in each slot of the middle row, and one each in the bottom left and right corners of the crafting grid.

This configuration will yield wolf armor, which can be equipped on tamed adult wolves by right-clicking on them. Currently, wolf armor cannot be enchanted or dyed, similar to horse armor.

Repairing Wolf Armor

Wolf armor crafted from armadillo scutes can also be repaired, which is essential for maintaining the armor's durability. Using an armadillo scute on wolf armor that a wolf is wearing will heal eight points of the armor’s durability. This repair process ensures that wolves can remain protected for longer periods, especially during intense gameplay scenarios.

By utilizing armadillo scutes for both crafting and repairing wolf armor, players can significantly enhance their wolves' survivability and effectiveness in Minecraft. This makes armadillo scutes a valuable resource in the game, providing both protection and strategic advantages.


Throughout this guide, we have traversed the intriguing world of Minecraft armadillos, uncovering the mysteries of their behavior, habitats, and breeding processes. The journey through the exotic biomes in search of these unique creatures not only enriches the gaming experience but also adds a layer of strategy and engagement. From the passive yet defensive nature of armadillos to their role in the ecosystem of Minecraft, players are equipped with the knowledge required to interact, breed, and utilize these mobs for their benefit, particularly through the innovative use of armadillo scutes for crafting and repairing wolf armor.

As we conclude, the addition of the Minecraft armadillo serves as a reminder of the game's continual evolution, offering players new adventures and challenges. With insights on where to find armadillos, how to breed them, and the strategic uses of armadillo scutes, gamers are better prepared to navigate the vast landscapes of Minecraft. The exploration of armadillo behavior and interactions not only enhances the player's understanding of the game's dynamics but also encourages further exploration and creativity. As the Minecraft universe expands, so does the opportunity for discovery and innovation, inviting players to dive deeper into this ever-changing world.




1. What is the method to breed armadillos in Minecraft?
To breed armadillos in Minecraft, you need to find two adult armadillos and feed them their preferred food, which triggers their breeding mode. For more detailed tips, check out our resource management guide

2. How can I obtain armadillo scutes in Minecraft?
Armadillo scutes can be collected in Minecraft by breeding armadillos. The baby armadillos will drop scutes as they grow into adults. If you need more details on crafting materials, see our chemistry guide

3. What is the best way to locate armadillos in Minecraft?
Armadillos can typically be found in specific biomes within Minecraft. Searching in these areas is the most effective way to locate them. Explore more tips in our comprehensive game modes guide

4. What food is used to breed armadillos in Minecraft?
To breed armadillos, you should use the specific food item that they are attracted to in the game. Feeding them this food will enable them to enter breeding mode. For more breeding tips, see our guide on how to tame a horse

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